Golden Grimes

As seasons changed from summer to fall this year my life also was making transitions. I became an ordained minister, emptied my house in Florida and traveled back to Illinois where life on this planet began for me. There is at least one good reason for this excursion, my mother needs help in her later … Continue reading Golden Grimes

Cauliflower Cuisine

By now everyone knows, cauliflower is a member of the broccoli family or cruciferous vegetables. Interesting sidebar, the first part of that word in Latin means “cross” likely due to their crosswise structures. (Lest we forget, there are many benefits to “the cross.”)Health benefits abound, too! Dr. Axe  has much to say on that subject so … Continue reading Cauliflower Cuisine

Ninety Percent Veggies

It is important to “practice what you preach.” So, this picture captures lunch with one of my dearest friends and our similar desire to “fuel” well.  In my opinion, ideal plates are any combination of mainly organic vegetables. Much smaller percentages, 10-20 ish may be occupied by “clean, lean animal protein” or with pseudo grains … Continue reading Ninety Percent Veggies

Dieters Dilima

Dieting trends, fads and “fuss” have been an ongoing tug of war.  Have you noticed that foods or diets are nearly as faddish as women’s fashion? I happen to like them both and do not mind sorting through piles in either case! That is not so, with many who have asked me for help with … Continue reading Dieters Dilima

Tahini Butter

If you didn’t know,tahini butter is ground sesame seeds. Sesame seeds carry high levels of calcium, zinc and copper all supportive of bone health, making them one great dietary inclusion, and they are also alkalizing. Also,there are black sesame seeds which are even more mineral potent.  (They, however, do not have the same eye appeal … Continue reading Tahini Butter

Beautiful Beets

According to Dr. Mercola’s “Beetroot Juice Can Benefit Your Muscles” article, there are multiple reasons to beef up on beets! Benefits seem to abound in beets for athletes, elderly and anyone who wants plenty of antioxidants, inflammation fighters and detoxifiers! The only caution came when considering blood sugar issues…makes sense, since they are sweet vegetables. … Continue reading Beautiful Beets