One of my main objectives in blogging is to provide beneficial resources to advance Godly character as things “get darker”. While reading Mike Bickles’s book, 7 Commitments of a Forerunner , he made several terrific points, but one stood out, especially. He exposes how “short changed” we are when we settle for gratifying the flesh. Rather, … Continue reading Fascination

Tahini Butter

If you didn’t know,tahini butter is ground sesame seeds. Sesame seeds carry high levels of calcium, zinc and copper all supportive of bone health, making them one great dietary inclusion, and they are also alkalizing. Also,there are black sesame seeds which are even more mineral potent.  (They, however, do not have the same eye appeal … Continue reading Tahini Butter

Beautiful Beets

According to Dr. Mercola’s “Beetroot Juice Can Benefit Your Muscles” article, there are multiple reasons to beef up on beets! Benefits seem to abound in beets for athletes, elderly and anyone who wants plenty of antioxidants, inflammation fighters and detoxifiers! The only caution came when considering blood sugar issues…makes sense, since they are sweet vegetables. … Continue reading Beautiful Beets

Door of Decision

The topic of inflammation is considered on my “in the kitchen” page, and in my previous post, here, I pointed out how Satan, pride and death are all connected and can impact our destiny…even God’s chosen and anointed. Daily we need to include Him in every part of our lives. Every sin is rooted in … Continue reading Door of Decision

Food For Our Spirit

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God,” says Romans10:17. “Build yourself up in your most holy faith,” Jude 1:20 commands. Our spirit  requires daily nourishment in order to overcome daily obstacles. Learn and practice keys of the Kingdom in order to attain victory in every area of your life.These two verses … Continue reading Food For Our Spirit

Hidden Trouble

As I was pondering over physical inflammation, something popped into my mind that was surprising.  Since God made the heavens and the earth (in that order, too) an integral aspect of my faith has to do with addressing both heavenly and earthly “pieces” to each puzzle of life. Today’s topic is inflammation. Physically inflammation , … Continue reading Hidden Trouble